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our roofing team are here to help!  

As well as assistance in an emergency, we're able to offer a wide range of services, from simple minor repairs to the replacing of an entire roof.

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roof inspections

Ideally, roof inspections should really be carried out annually. Roof inspections cover the following :

Roof coverings - age, suspected leaks.

Ridge tiles - Mortar condition, ridge, iron ridge, tile condition.

Guttering and rain water system - Type, life expectancy problems or blockage, damaged or cracked, leaking joints or unions.

Valleys and gullys - Fatigue splits, life span, poor repairs mortar condition if present.

Chimney stacks - Brick work and mortar condition, loose chimney pots, warn chimney flaunting, flash type and condition.

Flat roofs - Flat roof condition, flat roof decking for soft spots, roof covering for life expectancy.

Dormer roofs - covering, condition, longevity.

Roof structure - External and internal checks, roof sag, roof spread, purloin support and condition.

We strongly recommend that inspections are carried out after a storm.

For fascias soffits and guttering we offer a 10 year guarantee.

On tiled roofs we offer a 10 year guarantee on workmanship.

For felt we offer a 20 year manufacture's guarantee.

We offer this service for between £150 - £350

* price includes VAT and is dependant on size of property, slopes and multi levels

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